The main idea behind the creation of Motor Boat & Yachting Russian Edition was an idea to make a magazine for actual boat owners or serious potential buyers. This goal has shaped the whole editorial format. Uniquely in Russia, unlike in Europe, the same owner can buy a 65-feet boat for Russian inner waters and a large super yacht to use in the Meds or elsewhere. As far as we know the specifics of the Russian market our edition was never limited to covering yachts of a specific size. 

Any boat owner is not only looking for a yacht reports and test-drives, he wants to know something about cruising destinations, better to have a detailed itinerary, get some level of yachting expertise, listen to some real-life stories from captains, impressions from travelers, and advice from best market experts. 

The choice of this editorial format had therefore defined our audience. Most of the real boat owners and prospective buyers know and read Motor Boat & Yachting in Russia. We give you a reliable and effective media to access the important market of Russian speaking potential buyers and charterers and we would like to underline the following advantages of MBY Russia: 

• The only yachting magazine in Russia that provides independent readership survey. Our audience in Russia is measured by TNS Global Media and exceeds 20’000 readers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.* 

• The only yachting magazine in Russia which distribution covers all major cities and is not only limited to Moscow. Totally over 1000 distribution points in 40 cities of Russia. See for the detailed list of retail points, newsstands and yacht clubs where the magazine is available in Russia. 

It can be challenging to measure a popularity of a certain media in a foreign country. To help you with this we have an independent audience survey prepared by TNS Global confirming our 35'000 circulation. But what may be even more significant is that you can find almost all leading Russian dealers and yacht brokers among our partners in 2013 and this can serve as an additional evidence of our success and audience. 


А magazine for actual boat owners and serious prospective buyers with the broadest distribution in Russia. And a magazine of choice for all Russian based yacht distributors and brokers in 2013